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 The Cold War that raged between the East and West, primarily Communist  Russia  and the United States,   was played  24/7 like an international  game of political and military chess.
   The USSR, striving to dominate the world by tyranny and oppression,  was checked at every move and  instance by the Western powers.
   This dangerous game escalated into a nuclear arms race as Russia  searched for that defining  game piece and the final move that  would result in --- Checkmate and game over.

   During  the proliferation of nuclear weapons East and West played a game of  hide and seek. The West had to discover what types of nuclear device the  USSR had developed, how many, where they were located, and if they  could reach the U.S. and England.
    This critical intelligence  gathering was conducted in the air and on the ground. The resulting  espionage that filtered up through the channels was gathered by the  lower pieces in the "chess game," primarily the Pawns.
    This is  the story on one such pawn, a man caught, convicted  of espionage by the  KGB and thrown into Russia's infamous penal camps, the GULAGS.
    He  survives the inhuman horror of the Siberian camps and years later,  through a wild twist of fate, he escapes and at last emerges upon the  world's stage armed with information that can bring down a  superpower--and      topple a sitting president.